I am reading… You Could Do Something Amazing with your Life [You are Raoul Moat] by Andrew Hankinson. Well, I just finished it. Very quickly. This book is a fascinating insight into the mind of an intelligent-yet-tortured serial killer. Using real transcripts as its base, and addressing Moat in the second person throughout, this is a book like no nother, and I would highly recommend.

I am watching… Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix). Again, just finished. I have been drifting between old shows for ages now, and this was the new blood I needed (pun very much intended). It's Desperate Housewives if Gaby, Susan, Bree and Lynette were undead and ate humans. I loved it.

I am listening to… The Hamilton soundtrack. I bought tickets the other week (for 2018, but whatever), so I guess now is the time to see what all the fuss is about.

I recommend…

Transcript: President Obama on What Books Mean to Him

Transcript: President Obama on What Books Mean to Him

To remind you why you so love reading

Michiko Kakutani, in The New York Times

16th January 2017